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1. Family Trees

As this is a CUSTOM DESIGN service it is not possible to give exact prices in advance. In each design the cost estimate is divided into 3 parts:

a) Preparation of the design

  • this includes meeting the client, initial discussion (budget etc)
  • familiarisation with the material, rewriting if it is not neatly prepared (a computer printout is preferable or a NEAT handwritten copy)
  • a first DRAFT is prepared and a decision made as to the best LAYOUT
  • A written QUOTATION is prepared

b) Execution of the Design

c) Proof-reading

Prices begin at $150 with no graphics and 3 generations.
All commissions will not proceed without a SIGNED DESIGN AGREEMENT on acceptance of the Estimate. ESTIMATES carry a nominal FEE of $200 as most of the planning is done at this stage.

2. Other Services

Most services provided by Patricia are custom designed and therefore require a quotation in advance.

Requesting a quote for other services

The following information is necessary to give a cost estimate:

  1. the extent of the material to be written (eg. how many lines/words)
  2. the quantity (the higher the quantity the lower the item price)
  3. the time allowed for the work to be done
  4. what is the material supplied for the work ( rag paper, coated paper, handmade paper)
  5. is colour matching necessary
  6. the style of lettering required
  7. will the designer provide the stock (paper) to be used
  8. is a preliminary design required
  9. is a receipt or invoice required

PROVIDING ALL THE INFORMATION IN ADVANCE reduces the possibility of unexpected charges when the work is ready to collect!!!

3. Payment

Payment by Cheque, Postal Order or International money order or Direct Bank Deposit is accepted. Details will be given upon request.

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